Auto Detailing of Central New Hampshire


About the Owner


Brian Kidder

Brian did a great job on my Vette! The paint looks like new, like it should be in a new car showroom! 

He spent time on this, repairing chips and scratches to where you have to look three times to notice them. 

He really enjoys his work and it shows. He did my son’s Corvette, paint and the convertible top. The convertible top material was littered with mold and he was able to take every bit of it out so it looks brand new. The tired paint on the 20-year-old car had never been touched in over 15 years and looked amazing when he got done. I highly recommend his services! -Brian Brooks

"Brian did a great job detailing the interior along with the exterior polishing to remove scratches and provide a shine better then when the car was new ! He took time to explain the process he used which will help me in maintaining the shine. Experienced cleaning ideas that work using the best products. Excellent turn around with a courteous and professional approach. Will recommend to others." - Kip Chevy,

"This guy is one of the best in the area. Educated, intelligent, and knows what he is doing. Made my paint look like a mirror. Excellent customer service." - Peter Lockart

"I picked up my truck spotless. I can't believe how new it looks and how many people thought I bought a new truck." - Laurie H., October 2017